holiday card

We had a lovely time over Thanksgiving at my parents house. And as it has become a new Thanksgiving tradition, we take a big family shot… When I say big, I mean extended because let’s face it, my side of the family is pretty small. It’s just me and my parents. So now with the addition of G and the kids we’ve doubled. If you’ve taken pictures with toddlers, you know that you don’t get very long and you also don’t keep them all clean for very long either.

Sure enough, as soon as we opened the door to head out into the backyard, D tripped and got a nice grass stain on his knee. E was soon to follow. We needed to go and we needed to go quick. After getting our immediate family it was time to start arranging the larger group shot. My mom wanted some of just them and the kids…. shockingly the kids cooperated.

But we still had our fun:

Shoot me now

Shoot me now

Pretty much everything about this picture cracks me up. And yes, my parents have a very good sense of humor so they were laughing too when they saw it.

I have been feeling a bit behind with everything, so when we got home that night, i uploaded the pictures and went to my go to site (Shutterfly) to create the card. Normally we just send out one with the kids on it, but my mom did such a nice job with a family picture that we put all four of us on it.

And here are the results… coming to a mailbox near you (if you’re on “the list”)

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

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