It’s an Elf-tastrophie!

Last Seen… some time over the Summer!!!

The other day I realized that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as in on THURSDAY! That means that our friend the Elf (aka the best thing to happen to discipline in the last 20 years) is going to arrive from the North Pole to watch over The Big and Little One and report back to Santa.

Here’s the problem… I’m pretty sure our Polar Express got derailed sometime over the summer. I remember putting Super Why (yup that’s his name) back in his box, and I put the box back way up on the shelf… but then we packed everything away and thought we’d be back in the house in September.

Hubby is going to look sometime this week, I’ve looked over the weekend and again at lunchtime today. But no luck. I’m sure he’s tucked away all cozy and warm, dreaming of sugar plumbs and fairies. But see that doesn’t help me one little bit.

I’m hoping that he’s found, but if not then I’ll have to write Santa and get another one… or you know go to the store and buy him. I was hoping I could do it without buying the whole set but the single elves aren’t the same as the one that comes in the box.

And while I’m on that…. how come none of the kids I know question where the elf is from when they see him on display in EVERY TOY and BOOK STORE?!?!?! I digress.

Cross your fingers that we find him. And Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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