Ohhhh Sandy

Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us
This pier lights our carnival life forever
Oh, love me tonight and I promise I’ll love you forever
Oh, I mean it, Sandy, girl
My, my, my, my, my baby
Yeah, I promise, Sandy, girl
Sha, la, la, la, la, baby

Unless you were living under a rock, you would know that there was this big ole storm named Sandy that rolled through my home state of New Jersey. It was an interesting week and I have to say what an amazing man my husband is. He totally kept us together and sane.

Before I get into the drama that Sandy caused, let me take you down memory lane to Hurricane Irene. When Irene was on it’s way, my husband was in denial of it’s ferocity. Our friend who is a Florida native came out to our house because Hoboken, where she lives, was under mandatory evacuation. After arriving at our house, she was soooooo disappointed in our preparedness, so we made a trip to Walmart with the big guy and bought as many supplies as we could.

We were fine, until around 3am when a transformer blew around the corner from our house and the sump pump stopped working. Who knew that thing needed power?! So after that happened…. this is what we woke up to:

In some parts of the basement there were up to 5″ of water, most of the rest had 3″. Either way a LOT of water and a LOT of damage.

This was a few months after we had redone our basement, so we were pretty upset, as was D about losing so many of his toys. But we rebuilt and moved on. When it came time to renovate, we talked about getting one of those generators that automatically turn on if the power goes out. But it was REALLY expensive. Then we talked about getting a generator, but oh wise and powerful me said “What are the chances of us getting a storm like that EVER again.” So we settled for a battery backup that gives us 12 hours of power after the electricity goes out.

When Sandy was forecasted, G and I switched places. I was in denial and he was über prepared. We were kicking ourselves for not getting the generator, but we weren’t really sure which house we would have used it on anyway.

I had our pantry stocked….

My pantry, lots of non-perishables

The kids were prepped, and we were all home on Monday in anticipation. As the winds picked up we had our eye on this ONE tree.

the source of angst

That branch was entwined with the wires that went only to OUR house. With our luck, we were certain that we would be the only ones that lost power.  As it turns out that didn’t happen. We lost power around 7:45pm. The kids and I huddled in one bed until E got sick of it and wanted to sleep in her own crib. D had no such problem.

G on the otherhand was a superstar. He ran back and forth from the rental to the house at least 4 times. Mostly making sure that the sump pump was still working/dry and then also to check on any possible damages. We did a good job tarping the dumpster and putting everything else away. As dawn came, we woke to learn that we were very fortunate. No trees down, no damage to either house or car. Most of our friends were as fortunate, but I know of two that lost swing sets and fences. My parents lost a few trees, but again no major damage.

Then it was waiting for power to come back on…. and waiting…. and waiting.  Did I mention that my cell service was spotty at best? Did I mention that we had NO connection with the outside world. This not only made it difficult to contact my loved ones, but also to put anything into context.

It didn’t however stop us from having some serious fun!

The kids went full on WWE on Daddy

I was serenaded by Rock Star Minnie!

Of course there were superheroes as well… In fact, E wouldn’t take hers off when we went on a walk around the block.

We also played LOTS of board games and completed all of our puzzles. We were also able to get the kids to bed by around 7pm every night because they had no idea what time it actually was!

After Irene, power came back on within 48 hours. I didn’t understand why that wasn’t the case. After 72 hours, we gave up. It was starting to get VERY cold in the house. And it was Halloween, and the kids were antsy. So we packed up to my father-in-law’s in the country….

Yup… there are cows… and horses and right by their house there’s an exotic animal refuge so there are also zebra and camels. SO RANDOM

While being displaced for the remainder of the week was disruptive to everyone. It was great to see my kids playing so much with their cousins. Even though we live only an hour away, we only really see them a handful of times a year. With the exception of G and his brother, the rest of the family lives very close by each other so they get together all the time. D had such a BALL hanging with the “big kids” and going trick-or-treating with them.


His favorite part was the post trick-or-treating, trading.

checking the loot

By Friday we were getting a little desperate so we went to the bastion of all suburban entertainment…. yup, the mall.

D got a haircut, they rode rides, and had Frosties in the food court.

We got power back on Saturday, it was AWESOME! While there was so much damage in the area and so many of our friends didn’t get power back until just a few days ago we were truly blessed by our family and friends and it was certainly a memorable experience.


and the moral of the story…… we’ll be investing in a generator pronto!


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