If it looks like a duck… and walks like a duck…

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s probably a duck….

And all that is true, except when you’re talking about a house under construction. Right now if you drove by our house you’d probably say to yourself, it looks like a house, must be a house…. You’d be partially right.

It does indeed look like a house!

Check it:

our HOUSE!

Love the detail up on the top, we chose a little darker shingling, that’s a word right?

So inviting! Wait ’til you see it with the shutters. they POP

Back right corner

Back left corner, SO happy I put those additional two windows in across the back. I think the house would have looked a little empty without them


Of course the inside is a whole other matter, but it’s coming along. I’ll be taking you room by room, so stay tuned!


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