I’m trying to speak but girl you got me tongue-tied
I’m trying to breathe but I’m f-f-f-frozen inside
I’m trying to move but I’m stuck in my shoes
You got me paralyzed, paralyzed, p-p-p-paralyzed
I see you walking, but all you do is pass me by
Can’t even talk, cause words don’t fall into my mind
I’d make a move if I had the guts to
But I’m paralyzed, paralyzed, p-p-p-paralyzed

So whenever I work on a large personal project I get to a point where I feel absolutely paralyzed.

Why? I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s because it’s coming to a close and I don’t want it to. Maybe it’s nerves that all my planning was for naught. I don’t know, but I’ve always been that way. From my senior art show in high school, to graduating college, to our wedding, to closing on the house. It’s very odd considering how decisive I am and how well I plan things. I’m sure that at some point I will get what I have referred to as “wedding day zen.” That feeling the morning of the wedding when you know that all your hard work is going to come to fruition and whatever happens, happens. There is nothing you can do to change it at that point. And no matter what, it will be perfect because it is yours.

I have been delaying even posting because I want each of these to be “perfect synopsis” of whatever I’m thinking or doing. I want the pictures to be perfect, organized, show a clear story, etc. But that’s just it. the story isn’t always clear and concise and i don’t have to be either.

So as we start down the final stretch I’ll be posting fast and furious. I hope.



If it looks like a duck… and walks like a duck…

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s probably a duck….

And all that is true, except when you’re talking about a house under construction. Right now if you drove by our house you’d probably say to yourself, it looks like a house, must be a house…. You’d be partially right.

It does indeed look like a house!

Check it:

our HOUSE!

Love the detail up on the top, we chose a little darker shingling, that’s a word right?

So inviting! Wait ’til you see it with the shutters. they POP

Back right corner

Back left corner, SO happy I put those additional two windows in across the back. I think the house would have looked a little empty without them


Of course the inside is a whole other matter, but it’s coming along. I’ll be taking you room by room, so stay tuned!

You Got Me

Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don’t know what Im doin, now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can’t sleep at night

You really got me
You really got me
You really got me

You know what really stinks, is that there aren’t more hours in a day. Things are moving so quickly and I have been so busy at my day job that I haven’t had any time to update you on what has been happening here at Casa de Chaos (¬©RBec Reeves).

First off, the winner of the kids sink race (if you can call it that) is…..

Source: via Debbie on Pinterest


with a plain white china top. Simple easy and will look great.

I’ve been working with the contractor on about a thousand different things. He and I spent some significant time in the master bathroom to come up with the optimum floor plan in the bathroom. The original plan that the architect had designed had a very small shower, and not for nothing, G and I are more shower people than bath people. We contemplated taking out the bathtub all together but know that is a resale mistake (no we’re not going anywhere, ever, but just in case). If you remember we added a window to the bathroom and that is what started the whole chain reaction. However the final plan is AWESOME!!!! The shower and tub are in the same place, but since we opted for a smaller tub (still a deep soak but it’s not a drop in and it’s only 6′) we could increase the size of the shower. We also switched the vanity and the toilet which allowed for us to put in a linen closet IN the bathroom. HOLLAR!!!

It’s hard to tell in these pictures because there are no walls… but here’s a few views of our bathroom:

Here’s the shower. On the right will be the double vanity and to the left the tub.

And here is the added window, plus the linen closet and where the toilet will be.

The rough plumbing has passed inspection, WOOT WOOT. And the electric is next up on the list. Once that is done then they can start the insulation. Then the dry wall goes up, then we’re on our way to the finish line

This means that I have been FREAKING out about floor plans and color schemes. But I am pretty sure I have some good ideas for D and E’s rooms. D’s definitely…. E’s I keep going back and forth on….. Stay Tuned!