Summer Rental – Part 3 another twofer!

What’s that you say???? What happened to the house tour?!

Well nothing, I just added a couple more touches to D’s room so I was waiting until I photographed them before blogging it. This is the last stop on our tour, I told ya the house is small! Now you get to see the powder pink bathroom as well as the big one’s bedroom.

If you’ll remember, D got the biggest room for two reasons, we wanted to really separate him from E, and the only other room had a door out to the main street as well as the bathroom… So G and I wanted it! We’d NEVER HAD A MASTER BATH!!!! We technically have had our own bathroom, when we were in Hoboken and before the big one was born…. but that was different.


Here was the room when we looked at the place:

And then we put most of the kids furniture in here since we took the little one’s closet for our things, they continue to share the closet as well as a dresser. the little one’s changing table as well stayed in here because there was no room in her room for it.

Then because I couldn’t wait until we moved back into our other house I HAD to get D some of the best SuperHero Art I’ve seen. I found it on Society 6 by TheLinC

flash, superman, and the capt above the bed

from D’s point of view

WonderWoman, Batman and the Hulk

Clearly I didn’t clean before taking these picture. Lesson learned!

Next stop, the kids bathroom. And it’s…. PINK! PeptoBismo Pink at that!

I’ll say this, the kids LOVE brushing their teeth.

I love these built in shelves. they’re not very deep but obviously placed between the studs on the wall. very helpful.

So that’s all of it I believe. Hopefully I’ll be able to contain myself and not do too much more and we’ll be back in the other house in no time.

They’ve started the demolition!


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