It’s clobbering time

The other day I came home at lunch to see the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. What do you think it was????


Lots and lots of wood

More wood


And as I peeked around the side of the house, what did I spy????

no more siding


So very excited!!!! The concrete asbestos had been on the house since it was built. I know that it is technically safe but with two little kids it always made me nervous. Especially since the inspector said it was find until it broke, and with both kids very into throwing things not so safe.

This was last week, and then TODAY when I came home for lunch. THIS is what I found….

Holy Roof… Literally!!!!


They tarped it up really good tonight, I’ll take some more pictures as the week continues and if you happen to be driving down my street please stop and snap a picture and send it to me.


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