A little YUM

I love to cook. I’m just throwing that out there. I have lots of cookbooks and I love to troll the internet for new recipes. My brother-in-law actually always makes fun of me and asks what website I found a certain dish at and never quite believes me if I happen to have created it myself or used a family recipe.

Anyhoo. I think I have mentioned before how I like to cook dinner weeknights for hubby and myself. The caveat is that it needs to be made in under 20minutes and be pretty simple as far as prep work. Why you ask, well our end of day is a bit hectic. I pick up the kids around 5:45/6pm and G gets home around 7. The first few minutes are spent with me wrangling them into the house and keeping them from destroying EVERYTHING in their path. I try to throw some snacks and milk at them and pop them in front of the television for whatever is on Nick Jr or Sprout. (Hey, I never claimed to be a font of parenting and I never said this was a parenting blog.) Every now and then we put on some music and have an impromptu dance party like this….

Booty Shake

While they are distracted, I unpack their bags, unload/load the dishwasher, THEN get dinner started. Realistically it is around 6:30 giving me 20-30 minutes from start to finish.

What’s a girl to do? Well she cuts corners that what she does.

Trader Joe’s has amazing prepared foods, as well as pre seasoned meats and cut veggies. I have a honking jar of minced garlic in the fridge and usually have some chopped onions as well. These are things that take up critical time, and as long as I can find quality product, the more organic and natural the better, I buy it.

There are tons of great websites (brother-in-law is rolling his eyes, I can feel it) where you can find 20-minute meals. I have a cookbook from at least 10 years ago that is called just that, 20-minute meals that is amazing, it has complete meal plans including shopping lists and what you should have in your pantry.

Here is what we had for dinner tonight.

Chicken Masala over Brown Basami Rice.

Sounds exotic doesn’t it. I will let you in on my secret for this one….

it’s all about the sauce

This dish came together on the fly… I decided we were having Indian but knew it would require some doctoring. The simmer sauce is great but not as robust as you would get at a restaurant.

First up I chopped some onions and peppers and got them sautéing

Peppers and onions the basis of every great meal.

You want to make sure that they are super soft but just short of caramelizing. Then the simmer sauce is dumped in and the chicken added.


I was so busy taking pictures that I sorta forgot to get the chicken cubed… then i got so into the cooking that I forgot to take any more pictures… but I have leftovers so I will take some picts of those and add them… I’m owning up to it now. Bad blogger, bad.

Yummy füd

and a close up

mmmmmm gooood

Let’s review:

1. Saute peppers and onions. 2. slice chicken. 3. add simmer sauce 4. yum


Random side step…. see the cutting board I have above. I have a whole set that is color coded with icons. When I got them I thought they would be awesome. Nice and thin and different ones for each food group. But honestly, they don’t store flat, they start to curl up. and if you’re cutting anything that has juice or liquid of any kind in it there is no well for it so it gets all over the counter. NOT FUN.

I think I am ready to invest in a good butcher block cutting board. Any recommendations?


6 responses

  1. I have those same cutting boards! We actually have a total of 8 cutting boards, as there was a time I used them about twice a day and we didn’t have enough other dishes to justify a whole dishwasher load, and God forbid I wash them by hand. Ha ha!

  2. My cutting boards are color coded and NEVER roll up – next time you’re here check them out – and throw mangoes into an asian dish too for some sweet – pre sliced to save time is totally okay too 🙂
    We’ll have to have a cooking/wine girls evening in one night 🙂

  3. Man I wish we had a TJ’s here!!

    I LOVE my Pampered Chef cutting boards. Not overly expensive, dishwasher safe, silicone grip so they don’t slip. I have a large one that one side has a well around the edge so liquids don’t run off.

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