Love from little boys


I take the big one grocery shopping just about every week. It’s become one of “our” things. We’ve brought the little one sometimes or hubby as well and it totally changes the experience. D and I wander the aisles, if he’s good I let him pick out a book or small toy… today he got to pick the ice cream which was HUGE! He must have deliberated for at least 10 minutes in front of the cases going back and forth and back and forth.

One part if the routine that I can say we both unequivocally love is the flower section. I forget how it started; but probably two or three years ago he asked what my favorite flowers were. I told him daisies, and showed him which ones they were. Then he told me he wanted to get them for me (melt). After that it became part if the routine, the flower shoppe was right when we walked into the store. So while I would be situating myself, getting out the list and putting my reusable bags in the cart in a way I wouldn’t trip over them, D would run ahead and peruse the fresh cut floral arrangements.

I cannot say that I have always liked the ones he’s picked, I do try to steer him away from ones that include hues that are in no way found in nature. But I do always love hearing WHY he picked a certain one.

This week it was because these were red and that’s my favorite color and he knew I liked roses. Which A. is not true I actually abhor roses but I will save you from that rant… and B. these clearly are not roses but clearly makes the choice so much lovelier.

The best part was that he was wielding them like a sword and getting the keeping the bad guys away when he gave them to me. How adorbs is that?!

I have them proudly displayed in my new ghetto vase, the ole Solo cup (will it’s wonders/uses never cease). Hope everyone had as fabulous of a weekend as we did.


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