Something that I’ve noticed as a trend on Pinterest (follow me!) is that everything is BIG.BOLD.COLORFUL.


Either that or its Benjamin Moore [something esoteric] Grey.



Now I want to be clear. I think all of that is BEAUTIFUL. Just not for my house. Maybe I can hop on the “Gray” family bandwagon, I would be lying if I said my bedroom wasn’t gray; however it was a very light blue gray. I just couldn’t see going jewel toned in any room in my house.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been there and done that? See when we lived in Hoboken, I had every room painted a different color. They were bright colors too! I would love to share, but they seem to be on my Kodak Gallery account and they haven’t yet been migrated to shutterfly.  The living room was deep orange, with a brick fireplace accent wall (yes that is what sold me on the apartment to begin with). One bedroom was yellow, the other was supposed to be sage green but turned out to be a bit more minty and the bathroom was purple with gray tile. My future husband wanted to kill me when we were painting it!!!!

When we moved into the house, it was move in ready and looked like a Pottery Barn catalog. So he lucked out, no painting! However, everything is beige on the first floor. But of course not all of the beige’s match?! I honestly don’t understand but whatever. I’m looking forward to refreshing but also nervous about it. I really liked the color of our bedroom so I think we’ll do it again. It’s honestly like floating on a cloud. So lovely.

Our empty (former) bedroom

And the kids room, I also LOVED. It was their ROOM!!!!  I painstakingly marked where the stripes that no one could see would be, my father in law did a great job hanging a chair rail and they were able to personalize it with stickers!

the little one’s side

the big one’s side


So you see, I’m not color adverse, or even trend adverse (did you see my closet!!!)…. just a little in awe of people who put such BOLD BRIGHT COLORS in their homes!


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