Summer Rental – Part 3 twofer

It’s two… two for the price of one! A little gallery for your perusal.

First up the bedroom… you can see the before and after there. It’s pretty straightforward.

you might have noticed that in our bedroom there isn’t a closet. we actually use the one in E’s bedroom.

ooooh a closet

this is just my side of the closet. Makes me hopefully for when we get our walk in… so much space to come!!!!

oooh did I mention my shoe closet… cause I have one.. more like a shoe cabinet but it’s there. i heart it so much. cause i have a problem with shoes… a big one

E’s crib fits nicely in here. She doesn’t need a lot of room and she LOVES having her own space.

We’ve gotten comfortable here. Which is indeed nice. I don’t want to get TOO comfortable though. I just really really want our house construction to get starts so we can start thinking/planning about those bedrooms.


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