Let me first start by saying, I love my husband and kids more than anything. Let me next state how they are up at my in-laws tonight so I could do some DIY (more on that later). And I will follow that up with a William Wallace cry of…..


What have I done with my day you ask? Well they didn’t leave until after lunch so all four of us went out to lunch together. E did the absolute cutest version of Twinkle Twinkle.  E at the Diner

Then it was a few errands around town, then it was down to brass tacks. Like I said, some DIY’ing around the other place. On the list was the backsplash in the kitchen and the hall closet. I’ll go step by step with that in another post, they are both a work in progress (mostly because I’m planning on finishing the kitchen tomorrow) and the closet because I have to figure out a few things.

If you’ll remember, this is what the closet looked like before we left:



Everything was thrown on the floor, it was hard to get to the shelves at the top for hats/gloves/scarfs even though I did have them in lovely bins. We had an over the door organizer for hats, which honestly isn’t very functional. It is hard to close the door with all the hats we… ahem, my husband… have.

Step by step will come in another post, but here is the first stage after…. cue the oohs and aaahs

Wouldn’t you want to keep this neat!!!!


The only piece of advice I will give is to make SURE that you get pre pasted wallpaper. This stuff…. not so much.

Now that this is done I have to figure out the shelving situation. Originally I wanted double hung bars. Then today, I got nervous about that because I realized that the kids jackets aren’t going to be so small forever. So I think I am going to get adjustable shelves. The kind that you put the metal in the back and then insert shelves… you know these:

Clearly not this big but something like it.

I am not going to have time this weekend to hit The Home Depot but it’s good to have a game plan.

So now I’m home, had myself some leftovers, a couple of Woodpecker Ciders and watching Man on A Ledge…. doesn’t suck.

I’m loving life.


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