Sleep Training — Days 4-6

It seems like everyone wants to know what is going on with the Sleep Training. Thanks so much for the emails and direct feedback. Today will be Day 7 so let me catch you up on Days 4-6.

Day 4 we spent the night in an RV in our friends’ driveway. He actually went to sleep fine (around 9), but G cuddled with him. I totally busted him on the video monitor LOL. But like I said, it was an RV, we’ve NEVER slept in one before, we’re not campers so it was fine.

Day 5 I got a little grief, we’d been out all day in the sun and driving back from our night away so he was a bit out of sorts. We’d also just had a most exciting playdate with SueAtHome’s kids and some other friends. D and the girls. He had them shooting nerf guns at each other and playing the most rambunctious game of dress up I had ever seen. We had 3-4 pirates and cops and robbers running around. So he fought me for about 10 minutes but once he closed his eyes he was out! Hubs told me last night that the Big One told him “Daddy, the guns were a BIG hit!” When I asked him if that’s what he said, he told me “It’s true! They were a BIG HIT!” And then he took G around to all the places the girls were getting the darts stuck.

Day 6 Both kids were not very tired. They spent the day with my parents, as they do every Monday, and the Little One apparently took a very long and very late nap. So she was screaming for a good portion of the evening. The Big One gave me a lot of grief and wouldn’t stay in his bed. I tagged out with Hubs and D was out cold within minutes. Hubs and I actually got to watch some quality TV last night…. to the tune of The Real Housewives of New Jersey! I actually got him watching the Orange County finale the other day. I think he might be as excited for the reunion as I am.


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