Summer Rental – Part 2: Multi-Purpose Room

Next stop of the home tour is our multi-purpose room.

We treat it as our playroom, dining room, hangout, and hallway. It is the central room in the house.
Here is a crude diagram showing the layout… probably should have done that before but hey I’m new to this!

Our abode, absolutely not to scale, it’s to my best guess =)

I really do have a new found respect and love for ranch houses. It’s not a style I would have thought that I liked but there is something to everything being on the same floor and the kids not feeling left alone anywhere in the house. The’ll even sit in the family room watching TV while I cook dinner or clean the kitchen. They’d NEVER do that at our house. Hopefully little things like that will stick when we relocate back across the street.
Anyway, originally we had wanted to put the kitchen table into the kitchen, but once we were in there was no flippin way that would fit. And I’m so much happier with the storage we gained. Part of me actually is thinking about getting rid of the kitchen table and having us eat in the dining room everyday and putting storage in the kitchen as well but I don’t think that really makes sense. Plus I’m the kind of person that really digs a formal dining room and I totally heart mine. I would hate to let it get all casual. But that’s another conversation all together. This is about the Summer Rental.
We basically decided to line one wall with kid things and the opposite wall with adult things. So we have our kitchen table and a small love seat on one side and all the kid’s toys on the other.

Through the kitchen window

a little less “moody” of a shot

Have I mentioned how much I love this setup! The best part about everything in the rental is that we truly don’t care what happens. You want to draw on the walls, sure go for it. Paint the couch, go for it! (we’re not planning on bringing back either of our couches, upgrade baby!)

All the toys

Originally, G didn’t want to hang anything up. And if you knew G you would know how monumental of a statement that is. Whenever we move anywhere the FIRST thing he wants to do is hang things up. Regardless of not knowing where the couch, bed, chair, bookcase etc are going to go. It grounds him. I respect that… I don’t like it and I fight it tooth and nail as I will plan things out for years before putting a single hole in the wall but I digress… again.. (I do that).
I always had a plan to hang the kids art in the Summer Rental. I think it’s a great way to add some personality for cheap. You know in a child labor kind of way… totally kidding! I have everything that I’ve saved from their school up on the wall. From the time the Big One was a little one until now. I tried to group them together by both theme as well as time.

My favorite part of the whole house!

The only thing I’m truly anal about is the toy organization. Not so much in a “no wire hangers” kind of way but more in a “I can’t be bothered to try to find Perry the Platypus’ fedora every time you want to play with it” kind of way. I broke down and got one of those bin things from Target. The reason I say broke down was because I foolishly thought we could contain all the toys we had in our basement built-ins. However I don’t know if your kids are like mine, but they tend to be a bit more “I need to see it to want to play with it” so all their toys were always out and in bins strewn around the floor. Not very organized. Basically I try to keep the Big One’s toys on top and the Little One’s toys on the bottom. All SuperHero related toys go on the top right, all Transformers go on the top left and then wen have SuperHero vehicles below in the center. After that things start to get wonky. I had at one point had all licensed characters in one bin but that was soon overrun, so then I tried Disney and Nickelodeon/Viacom but that was too ridiculous, even for me. So the only other bin I keep neat is the Little People one. Ironic since I brought all of the kids’ Little People playsets back to the house (minus the figures).

Our toy bins in action

What else…. OH YES. My GORGEOUS lamp that I bought, assembled and hung all by myself!!!!

The dining area was a little dark, so I ordered this on Amazon and 4 hour later I got it up. Every single one of those cones has to get assembled by hand!!!! INSANITY! But I LURVE it! I might actually hang it in E’s room when we move back in. Here it is from another angle:

dining area

So that’s that…. Next up the family room.

Here’s one last shot of the multi-purpose room….

Love this filter on Instagram!!!


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