Sleep Training – Day 3

Thanks everyone for your awesome words of encouragement here as well as on Facebook and emails. The second night was still pretty rough, but he did it without too much backtalk. Last night by far was the best. I just tucked him in, grabbed my book and sat on the chair.

He tried engaging in some philosophical questions because he knows that I’m a sucker for a deep conversation with a 5 year old. Then he asked if I would sleep on the chair because that would make him happy. I said no. Then he tried telling me that he couldn’t sleep and he was going to be up all night… about two second later he was OUT for the count. At 2am he woke up, but went right back to sleep. I actually did fall asleep on the chair for about an hour… eek my back.

Hopefully tonight will be more of the same; of course then we’re going away for the night so we’ll most likely be back to square one but alas progress is progress.


3 responses

  1. Sounds like it’s going well! But I’m going to be the voice of toughness: What’s your plan to nix the chair situation? I’ve heard about people doing something like that and the chair moves a little closer toward the door each night and in about a week, you’re out and done. What do you think?

  2. 🙂 Glad it’s going a bit smoother!!!

    I know people say not to give the kids music & stuff to fall asleep to, but now that the girl is 4 she likes listening to stories at bed time. It’s been working really well to keep her in her bed & when she gets up to go potty in the MOTN she just goes right back to sleep. Maybe as he moves further along in the process he can earn a special treat like that or something.

  3. Day 4-5 were interesting. Day 4 we spent the night in an RV in our friends’ driveway. He actually went to sleep fine (around 9), but G cuddled with him. I totally busted him on the video monitor LOL. But like I said, it was an RV, we’ve NEVER slept in one before, we’re not campers so it was fine.

    Day 5 I got a little grief, we’d been out all day in the sun and driving back from our night away so he was a bit out of sorts. We’d also just had a most exciting playdate with @SueAtHome’s kids and some other friends. D and the girls. He had them shooting nerf guns at each other and playing the most rambunctious game of dress up I had ever seen. We had 3-4 pirates and cops and robbers running around. So he fought me for about 10 minutes but once he closed his eyes he was out!

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