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So I have finally downloaded pictures from my camera, about 3 months worth! I know that I had alluded to this before, but I am a Pinterest ADDICT! I have found a bazillion recipes, decorating ideas, clothes, and other ideas.

Back in April, it was Easter (duh, I know). I found this amazing Pin

I clicked through to FoodJiMoto and printed out the recipe. Yes printed and read through at least 10 time because I wasn’t sure if I was really up for it. Every year we head to my in-law’s house, and it is a FABULOUS affair. About 20 adults and 15 kids! INSANITY!!!!  And the food is always amazing, and while my brother-in-law always makes fun of me for finding recipes online I HAD to try this.

THREE important things of note:

  1. I’m Jewish, so while I have been celebrating Easter with Glenn’s family for over 10 years I am still somewhat a neophyte when it comes to tradition.
  2. Because of point 1, I have never dyed Easter Eggs. EVER…. EVER EVER EVER
  3. I have never made Devilled Eggs

So while Karolyn at FOODjimoto does a GREAT job at breaking it all down, I was TERRIFIED of making them. But I also don’t back down from a fight.

Step One – we boiled the eggs then gently tap tap tapped them to crack the shell while they were cooling.

Step Two – Food Coloring. It took us a LONG time for G to find this in the store. He went up and down a lot of aisles.

HOLY CRAP. that was easy!!!! Who knew?! D wanted to keep them in a super long time to make them REALLY dark. I overruled him for the most part.

Seriously?! Look how awesome! Not to toot my own horn but I was very impressed with these.

Final Product – Hardly any were left over!

Even my Father-In-Law, who likes things “normal” had one and I gave me compliments. I made sure to have some white ones for him and my mother-in-law.  Ironically, my sister-in-law also used food coloring in her dish, and she and my niece made an adorable bunny rainbow cake.



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