Bucket List

I love all the random love my blog is getting, it makes me all Sally Field, you like me you really like me. Recently Lesley over at Bucket List Publications gave me a like. I ran over to her blog to check out what Bucket List was all about… can I just say You GO girl!!!

Lesley leads an amazing, blessed life, at least it reads that way. I’m sure like everyone there is the boring stuff too but her blog is filled with adventure. She is living life to the fullest and for that I am a FAN!  After poking around for a few minutes, it seems like at the beginning of the year she creates a bucket list and then does her darnedest to actually DO those things. Now not all of the items on her list are what you would think of as a bucket list, i.e. Read to her daughter every day. But you know what, those are very important, too. And I have been inspired.

My (second half of 2012) Bucket List

  1. Survive home construction and post construction decorating!!!
  2. Start/maintain a blog
  3. Maintain the Home Organization binder the the fullest!
  4. Swim in the ocean
  5. Potty training (no not me silly, little E’s turn)!
  6. Visit someplace new
  7. Make a point to visit with old friends
  8. Remember birthdays
  9. Have a special day with each of my family members
  10. Keep a budget for the holidays
  11. Have the kids rooms all decorated before the end of the year
  12. Try a DIY project that looks hard
  13. Try an “out of the box” recipe from Pinterest
  14. Get D off to Kindergarten with minimal tears
  15. Date night once a month
  16. USE MY SKIS!
  17. Have a day in the city

I tried to have a blend of everyday things and special things. They can’t all be bungee jumping but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.  What would be on your bucket list? It’s never too late to start one. You can do it for the month or for the year, heck for the day!

Every day is a new opportunity to try something new and exciting. Even if it’s just a new flavor of ice cream! Which reminds me, my boss told me about this ice cream called Sweet and Salty that is Vanilla with Pretzels and some other goodies. I think I might try it out today at lunch!


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