At the tips of my fingers

There are so many wonderful tools out there when you are looking to decorate a room, whether its from scratch or remodeling. Since I’m a big fan of trolling the web for things to make my life easier I have of course found MANY MANY MANY of these.

Here are a few of my favorites, as well as links to some printables that I have found and plan to use.

I’m going to start with the site I’m MOST excited about.

The Make Room

Basically this site, you put in your room dimensions; what type of room it is and you can plug and play with all sorts of options for where to put your furniture. LOVE IT! It is definitely a must bookmark forEVER site.

Next, check out the coolness over at Benjamin Moore. They have a tool called Personal Color Viewer, where you can upload a picture of any of your rooms, draw outlines around your walls/cabinets etc. and test out paint in various opacities and combinations. Here is me trying out some blue in my kitchen…. yeah not going with it but worth a looksee

My kitchen in muted blues!

Next of course has to be the bible of home decorating, Better Homes and Gardens. I mean really hours of my day have been lost to BHG… HOURS.

we’re doing this in E’s room… sooooo excited.

And lastly, of course is Pinterest, message me if you want an invite. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I ADORE all the ideas that I see, however it often makes me feel a little insufficient. I’m not much of a crafter, but I think I am. I don’t have the time to do it but I want to, and when I do them I don’t want to be half-assed.  That being said…. FANTASTIC recipes, FANTASTIC decorating ideas, and even more FANTASTIC kid party idea, crafts, photography etc.

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What are your favorite decorating sites?


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  1. Great post. I need to check out the first one. I needed that back in my NYC apt when we ordered one of those chair and a half things and you couldn’t squeeze past it. Any idea why I didn’t…oh, I don’t know…MEASURE???

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