Ode to my Yaffa Blocks

An ode to my yaffa blocks
For years you have held my socks
As well as many things
From clothes to food with all the fixings.

A Syracuse dorm room necessity,
You’ve seen the good the bad and the slutty.
In Day Hall, you stood with all those beers
Holding it together for 18 years

A testament to versatility
You became more than just a utility
Tall and thin, wide and stout
I brought you here, there and all about

From those shores of Onondaga
Is where we start this lovely saga
A girl and her shelving
Has moved a time or two without delving

As our home becomes a palace
I have to leave you without malace
Oh yaffa blocks you have always been sturdy
But in the new place you won’t be purty

So in the dumpster you will rest
Unless someone picks you from our nest
I hope you find a good home
And someone out there enjoys this tome.


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