Sleep Training – Day 3

Thanks everyone for your awesome words of encouragement here as well as on Facebook and emails. The second night was still pretty rough, but he did it without too much backtalk. Last night by far was the best. I just tucked him in, grabbed my book and sat on the chair.

He tried engaging in some philosophical questions because he knows that I’m a sucker for a deep conversation with a 5 year old. Then he asked if I would sleep on the chair because that would make him happy. I said no. Then he tried telling me that he couldn’t sleep and he was going to be up all night… about two second later he was OUT for the count. At 2am he woke up, but went right back to sleep. I actually did fall asleep on the chair for about an hour… eek my back.

Hopefully tonight will be more of the same; of course then we’re going away for the night so we’ll most likely be back to square one but alas progress is progress.


Little love for your Thursday

How sweet is my husband. He surprised me the other day with gerber daisies. My FAVORITE!
The irony of it all is that with the move, I left ALL the vases back at the house. WHOOPS!
This container seemed appropriate.

Aren’t they lovely?

Sleep Training

Pardon the interruption from you normally scheduled house tour for a little for a little diatribe on preschoolers and sleep. Or should I say, the lack of sleep. Now I’m not blaming anyone by myself and my loving husband for this one.

Just before E was born, I started having extra cuddles in the morning and at night with D. To put a little perspective, and to deflect the blame, I’m an only child. So it was really hard for me to grasp what D was going through and I felt bad that he wasn’t going to be my one and only anymore. Then once E was born he’d come in every morning for cuddles before school… Then once E moved into his room we discovered she was a very light sleeper. So we’d have to put her to bed first and make sure she was sound asleep. Which in turn, meant that D would get to watch two shows, and read books in our room. As E got older, she went to bed later and later which meant D went to bed later and later. To the point where he was now falling asleep on our bed and we were moving him once he was asleep. Unfortunately, D also puts me to sleep with his cuddles. So our bedtimes were essentially the same, roughly 9pm.

Anyone who has had a sleepover with me, or been my roommate can tell you that when I get tired or close to my bedtime I turn into a grumpy guss. Ok that’s putting it mildly… I turn into the hulk.

Me at around 9:30/10pm

It’s true, G can attest to it, in fact he’s usually on the receiving end of it.

Anyway, last night I decided enough was enough. Hubs and I had been planning on doing serious sleep training once we got back into our home but I realized we were just making more excuses. I’ve read 1-2-3 Magic as well as Happiest Toddler on the Block and both discuss not allowing the conversation to continue. Setting boundaries and sticking to them. So that’s what we did last night, to some extent.

I was also inspired by my friend Sue, of Sue At Home fame. She had written a piece for her day job as fashion editor for Ladies Home Journal, where she talked about sleep training her first daughter. Check it out here. She doesn’t know this, but I almost called her in tears last night to make sure that there really was a happy ending in sight!

I hadn’t given D any warning that this was happening so I was a little more lax than I probably should have been but when you go from cuddling every night to nothing it’s hard on both of you. Who’s with me, ehhh? ehhhh?

ANYhoo. I told D that he was going to sleep, he was going to sleep by himself and he would stay there all night. He started to argue, I told him if he continued to argue I would be closing the door.

He did so I did.

That’s when the throwing started.

First it was a ball, then it was his twilight turtle (which he told me if he had he would sleep in his room), then it was an assortment of books. Then he just started digging through his toy chest to see what else was there and what would make the biggest thump.

So I took all that away, put him back in bed and told him goodnight.

Then he just sat in his bed screaming! Desperately saying, I’ve stayed here and been good can’t you cuddle with me now?!?!?!?! It was so sad. But I told him no. I pulled a chair over to his door and told him that I was going to close the door if he continued to throw a fit.

Then the little negotiator convinced me to sit on the chair IN his room.  I was actually fine with that as well because it was all the way on the other side of his room, and I was still refusing to cuddle.


He did eventually fall asleep and tonight we’ll be doing the same thing.

I read through Sue’s LHJ post and watched the SuperNanny clip, which I have to say. Completely put me at ease. That little girl was pulling the same crap as D, and Jo convinced them to stay firm and it would work with consistency.

So my readers, any advice?????

SuperNanny helps at sleep time

Summer Rental – Part 1: the kitchen

FINALLY, I have uploaded pictures of the rental (along with others pictures) so I can start to take you on a little tour. Little because well the house is little, and also because let’s face it… it’s a rental we’re only in here for (cross your fingers) a few months so we don’t want to set too many roots.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Summer Rental. First it’s a ranch, there are 6 rooms: the kitchen, family room, multi-purpose room, then our three bedrooms. I’m not counting the bathrooms, there are actually two! G and I have our own which while it is the size of a large coffee table it is ours all ours.

I’ll continue that diatribe another day. This is about the kitchen.




There is something about this kitchen that automatically makes me want to put on an apron and start cooking. Everything is circa 1967, except the microwave. I’m sure the fridge and dishwasher are newer but they don’t really seem it.

I love these chevron handles

door and drawer handles

Yes the linoleum is a bit dated, and the formica is well… formica but honestly it is super functional.

There are a few things that I have also come to the conclusion of, the most important being that I do NOT want/covet that big white porcelain apron front sink anymore. Here’s why, I have this gorgeous white sink at the rental….

Big… white… beautiful

Unfortunately, this is not how the sink is normally looking. I would have to clean it ALL the time. Do you know how often hubs and I have red wine? And no we do not always pop our dishes right into the dishwasher so our sink tends to look a little more like this…

So if you’re the kind of person who cleans all the time and keeps their sink area clean and neat then by all means take the plunge and get the big white sink… otherwise, I’m more than happy with my stainless steel, I do wish that it was a little bigger but it suits my lifestyle.



you have a little sneak peak into the next room. I have never had a “pantry” and this shelving is usually in our basement but i LOVE having it right in the kitchen. When we head back home I’m going to have to figure out how to get some sort of shelving unit in the kitchen area and free up cabinet space for food. It really helps when doing inventory and food shopping to see everything as opposed to searching for it.

I recently had a conversation with some of my girlfriends about our weekly food routines. Both for our kids and for ourselves. I was stared at like I had five heads when I described how I plan everything out, but it works for me. I plan the whole week’s meals the same time as I do my shopping list. That way I can automatically add it. BTW, i LOVE my shopping list. I found it at Target a few years ago, it’s made by Real Simple…. You can see it on the side of the fridge.

Here is our weekly menu:

weekly meal planning

Of note, my kids eat all three of their meals at school. I know I’m a HORRIBLE MOTHER. After five years, I’m over it and quite enjoy it. The older one eats better there than he does at home and I’m a little worried about next year when he hits kindergarten and is eating breakfast and dinner at home?!

So in their columns that is what I put into their bags to bring to day care. D is on the meal plan for lunch at school so I only send him breakfast and dinner. I send in each of E’s meals so I have to plan all three for her. I try to just make two of things so I have to think even less but unfortunately D doesn’t eat eggs and I try to keep E away from nuggets. D used to eat all sorts of exotic things but then as he got older his tastes got smaller and smaller minded. I’m hoping to reverse that trend but I chose my battles. He’s in his own room and staying there all night… that’s one in my column to be sure! Next up is sucking the thumb.

Anyhoo, I digress…. So for D and E, I put their bags together the night before while I’m cleaning up. I like to be on autopilot at this time of knight so I only have to glance at the fridge pop everything in and put it in the fridge to grab and go in the morning. It works of me. I mix up proteins during the week and try vary the breakfasts.

Then in the adult column we’re on our own. I usually just put down a basic protein I have a ton of side dishes that are ready to go from freezer to microwave to table (thank you trader joe’s). So I only have to figure out a marinade and way to cook it up and we’re good to go. Sometimes I do put in more details if I have a particular recipe I’m trying out or want to use, then I’ll put which cookbook it came from. None of my weekday meals can take more than 20 minutes to cook or else our whole night routine gets messed up. Kids in baths by 7:30; E in bed by 8; D in bed by 9.


Hope you enjoyed the first installment of the house tour. Next up the playroom.

Pinterest Post

So I have finally downloaded pictures from my camera, about 3 months worth! I know that I had alluded to this before, but I am a Pinterest ADDICT! I have found a bazillion recipes, decorating ideas, clothes, and other ideas.

Back in April, it was Easter (duh, I know). I found this amazing Pin

I clicked through to FoodJiMoto and printed out the recipe. Yes printed and read through at least 10 time because I wasn’t sure if I was really up for it. Every year we head to my in-law’s house, and it is a FABULOUS affair. About 20 adults and 15 kids! INSANITY!!!!  And the food is always amazing, and while my brother-in-law always makes fun of me for finding recipes online I HAD to try this.

THREE important things of note:

  1. I’m Jewish, so while I have been celebrating Easter with Glenn’s family for over 10 years I am still somewhat a neophyte when it comes to tradition.
  2. Because of point 1, I have never dyed Easter Eggs. EVER…. EVER EVER EVER
  3. I have never made Devilled Eggs

So while Karolyn at FOODjimoto does a GREAT job at breaking it all down, I was TERRIFIED of making them. But I also don’t back down from a fight.

Step One – we boiled the eggs then gently tap tap tapped them to crack the shell while they were cooling.

Step Two – Food Coloring. It took us a LONG time for G to find this in the store. He went up and down a lot of aisles.

HOLY CRAP. that was easy!!!! Who knew?! D wanted to keep them in a super long time to make them REALLY dark. I overruled him for the most part.

Seriously?! Look how awesome! Not to toot my own horn but I was very impressed with these.

Final Product – Hardly any were left over!

Even my Father-In-Law, who likes things “normal” had one and I gave me compliments. I made sure to have some white ones for him and my mother-in-law.  Ironically, my sister-in-law also used food coloring in her dish, and she and my niece made an adorable bunny rainbow cake.


D’s Room

I am so STINKIN’ EXCITED about the prints I just ordered for D’s room.

Check out how awesome these minimalist posters are:


He’s getting Captain America, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Hulk. I would have loved to have just gotten the Justice League but I didn’t love the Green Lantern one. And D loves the Captain and Hulk is one of his favorites… I guess I can deal with some DC and Marvel Universe crossover.

I’m in the process of putting together a house tour of the Summer Rental.

Bucket List

I love all the random love my blog is getting, it makes me all Sally Field, you like me you really like me. Recently Lesley over at Bucket List Publications gave me a like. I ran over to her blog to check out what Bucket List was all about… can I just say You GO girl!!!

Lesley leads an amazing, blessed life, at least it reads that way. I’m sure like everyone there is the boring stuff too but her blog is filled with adventure. She is living life to the fullest and for that I am a FAN!  After poking around for a few minutes, it seems like at the beginning of the year she creates a bucket list and then does her darnedest to actually DO those things. Now not all of the items on her list are what you would think of as a bucket list, i.e. Read to her daughter every day. But you know what, those are very important, too. And I have been inspired.

My (second half of 2012) Bucket List

  1. Survive home construction and post construction decorating!!!
  2. Start/maintain a blog
  3. Maintain the Home Organization binder the the fullest!
  4. Swim in the ocean
  5. Potty training (no not me silly, little E’s turn)!
  6. Visit someplace new
  7. Make a point to visit with old friends
  8. Remember birthdays
  9. Have a special day with each of my family members
  10. Keep a budget for the holidays
  11. Have the kids rooms all decorated before the end of the year
  12. Try a DIY project that looks hard
  13. Try an “out of the box” recipe from Pinterest
  14. Get D off to Kindergarten with minimal tears
  15. Date night once a month
  16. USE MY SKIS!
  17. Have a day in the city

I tried to have a blend of everyday things and special things. They can’t all be bungee jumping but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.  What would be on your bucket list? It’s never too late to start one. You can do it for the month or for the year, heck for the day!

Every day is a new opportunity to try something new and exciting. Even if it’s just a new flavor of ice cream! Which reminds me, my boss told me about this ice cream called Sweet and Salty that is Vanilla with Pretzels and some other goodies. I think I might try it out today at lunch!

At the tips of my fingers

There are so many wonderful tools out there when you are looking to decorate a room, whether its from scratch or remodeling. Since I’m a big fan of trolling the web for things to make my life easier I have of course found MANY MANY MANY of these.

Here are a few of my favorites, as well as links to some printables that I have found and plan to use.

I’m going to start with the site I’m MOST excited about.

The Make Room

Basically this site, you put in your room dimensions; what type of room it is and you can plug and play with all sorts of options for where to put your furniture. LOVE IT! It is definitely a must bookmark forEVER site.

Next, check out the coolness over at Benjamin Moore. They have a tool called Personal Color Viewer, where you can upload a picture of any of your rooms, draw outlines around your walls/cabinets etc. and test out paint in various opacities and combinations. Here is me trying out some blue in my kitchen…. yeah not going with it but worth a looksee

My kitchen in muted blues!

Next of course has to be the bible of home decorating, Better Homes and Gardens. I mean really hours of my day have been lost to BHG… HOURS.

we’re doing this in E’s room… sooooo excited.

And lastly, of course is Pinterest, message me if you want an invite. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I ADORE all the ideas that I see, however it often makes me feel a little insufficient. I’m not much of a crafter, but I think I am. I don’t have the time to do it but I want to, and when I do them I don’t want to be half-assed.  That being said…. FANTASTIC recipes, FANTASTIC decorating ideas, and even more FANTASTIC kid party idea, crafts, photography etc.

Follow me!!!!

What are your favorite decorating sites?

Neglectful and Forgetful

I have so much to say and so little time to say it, this past weekend was my dad’s birthday. We took him to see D’s last T-Ball game and then out to Charlie Brown’s for dinner. I took this adorable video of him playing magic with the kids before the wheels totally came off the bus!

How cute are they?!

Then my parents were such rockstars, and they took the kids home with them giving hubs and I some time to ourselves. We cleaned the whole house and watched Mad Men… it was very romantic.

I have much more to share… but I’m a little v’klempt, here, I’ll throw out a topic…. SHOES!!!!  talk amongst yourselves.

SO TRUE! (updated)

While perusing some of my favorite blogs this morning, I came to find this post on I’m an Organizing Junkie.  It could not have resonated more true for me and something that I might have to my organizing mantra. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!!

When I was in high school I had an art project that was a pencil drawing. I decided to do a brick by brick rendering of the Cathedral in Monaco. It is truly a beautiful building both architecturally and spiritually. However as you can see from this, there are a lot of bricks!!!  My mother came into my art room at one point, probably around 11pm and said, “Why do you have to do this, why can’t you do something easy like a potato chip?!”

Now the artist (perfectionist) in me started a diatribe as to how a potato chip was no easier because of all the various crevices and highlights from the oils, etc. But the point was the same. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done.  The final product was amazing, and if I can find it I will take a picture and update this post. But it was insane!!!!  And yes, I could have chosen a simpler subject.

*** I found my drawing!  And I HAD to take this opportunity to toot my own artistic horn***

Circa 1992, entitled I Hate Monaco, and yes I got an A!!!
Look at that pencil work!!!!


I wasn’t kidding when I said I shaded every brick!


Laura at makes that point about home projects and organization. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be perfect for YOU and your situation.