Sue At Home

I wanted to give some love to a new blog I’ve started reading… Sue At Home She’s hilarious and oh so fashionable.  Sue posted the other day about loving her small home, and it was like she was in my mind!!!

I love my house, yes we’re adding space to the top but that’s because the top is REALLY SMALL! I am a firm believer in just enough and never too much. I think it’s a successful philosophy in general.  You can apply it to all kinds of things:  eating/dieting, organizing, work (if you’re over being ambitious and trying to take over the world one design project at a time), how you spend your weekends, time with friends, food shopping, shopping in general… I could go on and on…

In the meantime check out Sue’s blog and please follow her, cause well she rocks!

What I Love About My Small House.


So long, farewell, aufiderzein, gooooood niiiiaaahhhhttt.

So sorry it has been so long since I’ve last posted. We’ve had a lot going on in Casa de Chaos (@Rbec totally stealing that sorry).

First, we were visiting the House of the Mouse. Had an awesome time, the kids lurved it, G and I had a fancy date night at the Grand Floridian

Isn’t it just divine, so opulent!

We even checked out Sea World, which I haven’t been to since I was a kid. SO MUCH FUN. It was crazy hot that day, so we spent most of the time playing in the fountains but the kids got a big kick out of seeing the whales.  Side note, G and I had a mini meltdown due to a complete lack of communication as far as crowds and meeting spots.  Note to self and to anyone else reading… always have your own cell phone on you. Do not just put it in the bag and have your husband carry said bag, you will inevitably get split up and not be able to communicate and then all those episodes of “Without A Trace,” “Criminal Minds,” and “The First 48” will play on a loop in both of your heads and you’ll completely freak out. NOT that it happened to us or anything…..

So now we’re back to reality, and the reality is that we’re moving on Friday!!!!  G and I have been in full on purging mode which is so much fun! We’ve boxed/bagged/binned up the entire upstairs and most of the downstairs. G is TOTALLY on board to revamp some things on the first floor which I’m excited about. Now we’ll just have to find the time to do it. The first thing, because it’s the easiest is the downstairs closet.

Here is the before:There are a few things to note… First of all it is TINY! We cram a LOT in there. The plan is to make better use of the interior space. I’ve had lots of inspiration from Pinterest as well as some of my favorite blogs (I’m talking about you The general plan is to first purge (which G did a FANTASTIC job of this weekend). Then we’re going to take everything out and either paint or wallpaper the interior. I’m going to employ a better system for the hats as well as put some bins on the floor for umbrella’s and shoes. Stay tuned!

This Friday we relocate to our “Summer Rental” down the street. Excited, nervous and a little sad. While packing up the kid’s room I had a full on tearful episode. This was the room that we created FOR my son. I planned, painted and decorated every square inch of it. From the color to the chair rail to the stripes on the walls to the sticker decals. They, clearly, need their own space but it was still sad to see the room both my kids came home from the hospital to call their own, be packed up and ultimately torn down.

Til next time.

Birthday Princess

My little girl turned 2 this past weekend. We celebrated from Friday to Sunday. She brought donuts to school and had cake/ice cream at home. E loved all her presents, even though she has to wrestle her brother to play with them. D had a little bit of trouble understanding it wasn’t HIS birthday still but his sisters.
As a birthday present to us, she actually started saying her name! It’s a mouthful, and she had taken to calling herself “Princess” which cracked G and I up. We honestly weren’t sure if she would ever call herself by her proper name. But she started and now hasn’t stopped.
We’re off to Disney on Saturday so stay tuned. Can’t wait for my prince and princess to meet some “real” princesses!!!