Project Purge (UPDATE)

So remember how I mentioned that after finding out we couldn’t do quite the amount of remodelling we thought I went through all my drawers and bins? I got rid of 3 large garbage bags of clothes and reorganized my t-shirt and sweaters drawers to a vertical system. I saw it on a blog and I’d love to credit them but I honestly don’t remember where I saw it.

All I have to say is LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

You can see everything and you know what it is, you don’t have to dig around it’s all RIGHT THERE!!!! I’m too nervous to do it with my dressy folded shirts, I’ll just have to await the walk in closet to see those easily. I’ve already planed on getting those thin velvet hangers and having everything color coordinated… it is too much, I really can’t contain my glee.

Did I mention that G told me I could have the ENTIRE WALK IN TO MYSELF!!!!! Don’t think that I’ll actually take him up on it as that would be ridiculous, even for me. But I sorta can’t wait to see how this all shakes out.


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