The Deep

We could have had it all
Rolling in the deep
You had my heart inside your hand
And you played it to the beat

To say I’m disappointed doesn’t begin to cover the emotions I’m feeling. I should start at the beginning. We had a meeting this weekend with our builder to go over the budget.  Remember how G and I were shocked at how much he was giving us, well it turns out it was indeed too good to be true. Seems the esteemed gentleman from New Jersey “misunderstood” what we were saying and thought that our budget was TWICE as much as it actually was. TWICE as much!!!!  My heart just sank when he put the budget in front of me. Then when G started to talk I got very nervous that he was going to explode because we thought we were explicitly clear as far as how much we could spend and how much we wanted.

So back to the drawing board, luckily he has the pricing, so today when I get home I should have a new set of plans that fit well within our budget and we can get moving and shaking.

After he left, G wanted to just chill with the Met game while I took D out to Target. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. I even taught him about budgets since he was asking why we were mad. I told him that he could buy as many things as he wanted at the store as long as it was less than $20 and I would help him with the math. And he did it! So simple a 5 year old can figure it out!!!!

On a much better front, I got my household notebook in working order! I’m very proud of it.

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