Command Central

I am SO obsessed with Household Notebooks. I’ve signed up for about three different organizing sites and tutorials of how to set it up. I of course have not gotten much further than purchasing the materials. My main problem is that I’m not sure what I want OUT of my command center. So many seem to be tailored towards homemakers and include cleaning schedules and chores and stuff like that. Well that’s all fine and good, except that I outsource my cleaning and I cram all my chores into the weekend since I work out of the home during the week. I guess I could TRY to schedule some things out during the week, as that does seem to be the point of all of this…. I digress.

I really want to get it set up before we move into our temporary home. I actually just asked my boss if I could take a day off a week from now until then to get the house organized and when I say house, I mean me!!!

We have a plan of action which is good, what we need now is a schedule from our builder so we can back out and figure out when we’ll need to be out of our beloved home.

In the meantime, how HILARIOUS is this!
Slow Clap


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