One step forward, two steps back

We had a great meeting with our architect to finish the design phase. Unfortunately, we thought we were going to be getting a budget but did not. We also went to look at another rental that is right on our street. We made an offer and are waiting to hear. In the meantime I’ve been keeping the other house in the wings. I feel bad leading them on, since it is a LOVELY house and G liked it as well. However it is SO far away, we want to be closer. It would be way too disruptive to be that far away.

Hubs and I also make a few lists of what actually had to be done… OMG so.much.stuff!!!!  We haven’t rented in 10+years and quite honestly forgot so much!!!  Utilities is the biggest, UGH not looking forward to any of that.

Cross your fingers and toes that we get this place though. It would make life so much better.

In other news…. we had D & E’s birthday party this weekend. It was a Scooby Doo theme party at My Gym. Both kids had a BALL! There were SO MANY KIDS there!!!!  Exhausting but awesome. Check out the stupendously awesome cake that Sweet Samantha make for us.



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