Urge to PURGE

Ever have that feeling, you look around your house and think MY GOODNESS how did I get so much CRAP!?!

I had that today.

I had it BAD.

Thankfully we are about to embark on our remodel which will inspire us to purge. I usually go through this once a year and it does coincide with the spring. I wonder if it’s biological, this Spring Cleaning phenomenon. Hubby and I have different views on what makes for an orderly house. I like things to be CLEAN and neat and for everything to have it’s own home. Hubby likes things to be NEAT and hidden. He puts things in homes, but not necessarily their homes.  Hubby would like it if everything was hidden in the closet or under the bed…


Me, I want everything perfect, which is ironic since I’m also someone who shoves their clothes in drawers and wonders why they are wrinkled.

Today I’m going to start my list of things I want to get rid of completely, things that need to be stored and things that need to be moved with us to wherever we end up.

Progress to come.


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