Hello world!

Well I started this blog a year ago not really sure what I was going to do with it. Was it going to be a portfolio site, a blog, a journal or what?

Yesterday I decided…. See hubby and I are about to embark on quite the adventure. REMODELING!!!!

Here is what we’re starting from.

Super adorable but super small.

For the record, we love our house. It’s perfect, for a family of two or three… Once Little E came it became “functionally obsolete.” Currently there are two bedrooms upstairs and one on the first floor. An attached garage that we can’t get to from inside the house. A small kitchen with a total of FOUR drawers!!! And your typical living room, dining room, family room rounding it out.

Two years ago when we were preggo with E, we thought about doing this but realized we were crazy! How much room could one little girl take up, so we re-finished our basement, which was AWESOME! Then Irene happened and we had to RE-DO our basement. Not so awesome. Now E is going to be 2 and she and D really need their own rooms, as well G and I could really use our own bathroom if nothing else!

So here we are, getting ready to embark on this adventure, not really sure what we’ve gotten ourselves into but very excited about the prospects. We met with the Architect, the amazing MD Architecture who remembered us from when we were thinking about doing this two years ago and listened to our wants/needs as well as budget and came back to us with a plan that blew us away! Not only are we going to get 4—count them 1, 2, 3, 4!—bedrooms upstairs, we’re also going to be able to open up our kitchen and family room to an amazingly open floor plan.

This brings me to my other big undertaking, Project Organization. Thanks to being inspired by Jen at I Heart Organizing, I’m starting two binders. A Construction Binder and a Home Management Binder.

Here are all my supplies:

I swear I take better pictures than this, I just was so excited I took this with my iPhone!

So very excited for everything!

Stay tuned.


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