A home is where you lay your head.

Well good news is that I think I found a place that we can live during the renovations. It’s a couple of towns over (about a half hour from where the kids go to day care and I go to work). In a nice neighborhood and near a golf course so G should be happy! The price is right and they want a short term renter as well!!! Thank You Craig’s List! It was really nice, brand new gourmet kitchen, nice size bedrooms upstairs (three of them in fact), small but cute family room a couple of play rooms in the front. It’s far from our friends but I really do think it will work. The hardest will be on weekends but we’ll be at the pool with our peeps so it should be too bad. Soccer will be tough to get to as well; but whatever.

We’re meeting the architect this weekend to find out budgets/timelines etc. Then we’ll know if it is really affordable or if we’ll be living in our car.
On the way back from our temporary home (see what I did there, positive thinking) I started thinking about what we would need to store, what we would need to bring and what we could leave. So I thought… hmm I should start writing this down! Hence….
I took one of my favorite pads that is already divided into three lists and renamed those “Bring” “Store” “Leave.”

The good thing about this place is that there are actually LOTS of places that we could store things there so we won’t have to spend anything on additional storage. We, and when I say we, I mean movers, can just bring the boxes/furniture over to the new place and leave them in the garage or basement. Then we the movers can bring them back when our house is done.


Cross your fingers that this all works!

In other fun news, we went to see the Fresh Beat Band yesterday for D and E’s birthday. SO MUCH FUN!!!! Not even being ironic there. It really was, D’s jaw hit the ground when they came on stage. Here was how we told him.

I will say, the theater we saw them in is lovely, but the ushers are so ridiculous. First of all, it’s a bunch of toddlers in the audience. Second of all, when the BAND tells said toddlers to get up and dance in the aisles, let the kids dance in the aisles. Don’t come up all scary and tell them to get back to their seats. Thirdly, it’s most of said toddler’s first time at an event like this and even if it’s not it’s a milestone. So while yes, the no cameras/cellphones/video camera rule is important give it a freakin’ rest when parents are trying to capture the excitement on their kids faces!

Clearly it also didn’t stop me from filming this gem! FBB Live at the State Theater!



Now that I’m clean
You know what I mean
I’ve broken my fall
Put an end to it all
I’ve changed my routine
Now I’m clean


Ok sure, that song’s about drugs but I do feel that I’ve changed my routine and broken my fall when it comes to organizing, especially in common areas. My little corner of the bedroom is still a mess but it’s hard when you have a bin-of-sweaters-that-you-found-in-the-back-of-your-closet-from-two-years-ago-and-in-the-meantime-bought-a-whole-bunch-of-other-sweaters-therefore-have-no-place-to-put-them, in front of your dresser.

Back to the common areas which I call the first floor… The kitchen counter has been immaculate, everything put away which gives me actual room to prep food. The dining room table has been recently cleared of the lego castle that was there and all the other toys and school papers that made there way and were left there as a sort of halfway house of crap. Our little bar thing which has been commandeered to be a charging station, and camera holder as well as other misc junk actually looks clean. Even the junk drawer has been de-junked.

It feels GOOD! Hopefully that will keep up and hopefully Hubby and I will find a place to live soon!!!!


A mole, living in a hole
Digging up my soul
Going down, excavation
I and I in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high, elevation

The elevations are in, the elevations are in. G and I are PSYCHED!!!!!!  Check out how pretty the front will be!

On other news, I started to put together the binder, now my only problem is that the tabs don’t stretch past the insert pages. I don’t understand?! Why are they so short? I might have to do a little more research on that one. I mean what’s the point of having pretty color coded tabs when no one can see them?

How Time Flies!

Today is my sweet baby boy’s 5th birthday!!!  It is amazing to me how much my life has changed in those 5 years and I feel nothing but blessings for each and every day. D brings me constant joy and smiles even when he’s being a frustrating 5 year old. Big plans for the day, brought cupcakes into school for his friends, then I’m picking him up for a lunch date with me and going to take him to my office to meet the gang, then the whole family is going out to dinner at his favorite restaurant Charlie Browns.

D is such a great big brother, sharing his dessert with his sister.



We’ll always have Paris….

So last night, hubby and I had a date night. It was supposed to be going to see the most romantic movie, (and my favorite movie EVER) Casablanca. However, while I was great at planning the shell of the evening, ie. booked the babysitter, got G on board, figured out timing, where to eat, how I was going to leave my car in Westfield, etc… I seemed to underestimate the ticket situation and waited too long and lo and behold it was sold out in Westfield, but the box office guy told me there were still 6 tickets at Cranford. What I SHOULD have done was ask him to CALL the Cranford box office and put them on hold. What I DID do was call G in a panic and told him to get over to Cranford ASAP and I would meet him there.  G got there, called me and told me that the people in front of him in line got the very.last.tickets.  HRMPH

So instead of cuddling up and having G listen to me whisper every line of….

Sadly I had no Papers of Transport, not even the Victor Laslo could get into this showing...

I had to listen to G add his OWN soundtrack to….

Honestly, it deserved all the praise it got!

I’m not complaining though. Hubby has a way of talking through EVERYTHING, so actually it didn’t bother me because it wasn’t like I was missing any dialogue! LOL The movie was fantastic, and I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

On the home front… I went over the plans for the Construction Binder with G. He was on board but it took him a while to wrap his head around it being a physical binder not just an Excel document.

Next step printing and clipping and labeling and 3-hole punching.

Urge to PURGE

Ever have that feeling, you look around your house and think MY GOODNESS how did I get so much CRAP!?!

I had that today.

I had it BAD.

Thankfully we are about to embark on our remodel which will inspire us to purge. I usually go through this once a year and it does coincide with the spring. I wonder if it’s biological, this Spring Cleaning phenomenon. Hubby and I have different views on what makes for an orderly house. I like things to be CLEAN and neat and for everything to have it’s own home. Hubby likes things to be NEAT and hidden. He puts things in homes, but not necessarily their homes.  Hubby would like it if everything was hidden in the closet or under the bed…


Me, I want everything perfect, which is ironic since I’m also someone who shoves their clothes in drawers and wonders why they are wrinkled.

Today I’m going to start my list of things I want to get rid of completely, things that need to be stored and things that need to be moved with us to wherever we end up.

Progress to come.

Hello world!

Well I started this blog a year ago not really sure what I was going to do with it. Was it going to be a portfolio site, a blog, a journal or what?

Yesterday I decided…. See hubby and I are about to embark on quite the adventure. REMODELING!!!!

Here is what we’re starting from.

Super adorable but super small.

For the record, we love our house. It’s perfect, for a family of two or three… Once Little E came it became “functionally obsolete.” Currently there are two bedrooms upstairs and one on the first floor. An attached garage that we can’t get to from inside the house. A small kitchen with a total of FOUR drawers!!! And your typical living room, dining room, family room rounding it out.

Two years ago when we were preggo with E, we thought about doing this but realized we were crazy! How much room could one little girl take up, so we re-finished our basement, which was AWESOME! Then Irene happened and we had to RE-DO our basement. Not so awesome. Now E is going to be 2 and she and D really need their own rooms, as well G and I could really use our own bathroom if nothing else!

So here we are, getting ready to embark on this adventure, not really sure what we’ve gotten ourselves into but very excited about the prospects. We met with the Architect, the amazing MD Architecture who remembered us from when we were thinking about doing this two years ago and listened to our wants/needs as well as budget and came back to us with a plan that blew us away! Not only are we going to get 4—count them 1, 2, 3, 4!—bedrooms upstairs, we’re also going to be able to open up our kitchen and family room to an amazingly open floor plan.

This brings me to my other big undertaking, Project Organization. Thanks to being inspired by Jen at I Heart Organizing, I’m starting two binders. A Construction Binder and a Home Management Binder.

Here are all my supplies:

I swear I take better pictures than this, I just was so excited I took this with my iPhone!

So very excited for everything!

Stay tuned.